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Word Document Recovery Software to repair corrupt .doc file.

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Word Document Recovery
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MS Word is one of the most useful tools that most of the organizations use for documentation purpose. Sometimes, Word files get corrupted due to sudden system shutdown, virus attack, bad sector in the disk or some other opening errors; to deal with such corruptions, It's the most powerful tool, as it can recover and rebuild Word file in a very simple but effective manner.

The tool is an efficient solution when a word file gets corrupted and error messages starts displaying on the screen. It conducts thorough scanning of the corrupted files to figure out and extract possible data from it, so that complete and accurate Word document recovery for MS Word can be performed.

The software performs the complete recovery process through three easy steps:

  1. Thorough scanning of corrupted file to locate the recoverable content.
  2. Repair and recovery of possible content of MS Word document.
  3. Copying the recovered content at the user defined location in new file.

The data so recovered is saved at a desired location in a folder named REC (by-default) by the software. REC folder further contains sub-folders for every word file so repaired. These sub-folders contain two word files (one with the textual information and other with all the data as in the original file) as well as a folder containing images and photos.

Software recovers corrupted Word files that have got damaged or deleted due to:

Features of Software

Download and run the demo version to check out available features of Word recovery tool. The free version lets you recover the data and save the same in a word document but leaves a stamp “DEMO” after every paragraph in the file. To overcome this limitation, purchase the full version of the software.