MS access is popular database management system which performs its task by storing items into MDB and ACCDB file format. Both MDB and ACCDB formats are used to store all the data in the form of tables, records, queries, fields, reports, triggers, views, stored procedures and database security settings. Read more about How to deal with MS Access Database Corruption Issues »

Noting is as frustrating as losing important data just because of not saving the changes made. Just consider a situation when you spend hours on an Excel sheet and when the work is about to finish you lose all you work due to power failure. In such a situation there is nothing to do except repenting. This is a very common issue that we usually face but apart from clicking save button in every minute there is one another solution to avoid this. Read more about How to prevent data loss using AutoSave feature of MS Excel »

If you are looking for a method to total the data in an Excel table, then blog will be helpful to you. You can quickly total the data in a Microsoft Office Excel table by displaying a totals row at the end of the table and then by using the functions that are provided in drop-down lists for each totals row cell. Follow the steps mentioned below and you are done with totaling of data in Excel table. Read more about How to total the data in an Excel table? »

Have a look at the below mentioned error messages:

“The message filter indicated that the application is busy”
“Cannot open macro storage”
“Word cannot open the existing [square]”

All these error messages appear when the global template you are using is corrupt. Whenever any of the above mentioned error messages appear, you can try resolving the issue by renaming the template. To rename the template, you can follow these steps: Read more about Dealing with errors caused due to corrupt global template »